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August 11, 2020  

The Power To Be: Great

On this episode, my guest was ready to let go and move forward. That’s all he knew.

Consumed with heavy guilt he'd been carrying since his childhood, he'd limited himself, blocking out his true greatness. He learned of the conditional nature of his family relationships and he identified which responsibilities were his to own, and which were not. He realizes that the very thing that was his motivator for hard work and success was also the very thing that was preventing him from achieving it. Can you relate? 

"There are times when I take things on and put pressure on myself and it's just not mine to take on and I'm learning to know where my limits are."

It was a true honour to witness Matt uncover his blocks and discover what it means to be limitless and embrace his true greatness. I have no doubt that there are insights waiting for you. 

July 28, 2020  

The Power To Be: Artistry

On this episode, my guest showed up willing to explore how her current life situation has been informed by her past, even when it felt uncomfortable. She was deeply honest and brave. As a young professional and adventure seeker, she was feeling the push and pull between family, "should's" and her desire to fully unleash her creative energy. She began to unlock tightly held beliefs that had been passed on from her childhood days. It's a powerful shift to witness as she realizes her full potential.

July 2, 2020  

The Power To Be: Radiant

On this episode, my guest showed up wholeheartedly, courageous and present. As a mother, wife and purpose-driven human, she was struggling to find her light. She felt consumed by the many hats she wears and uncertain how to claim what she truly wants. We navigated some big waves and murky waters that led her to embrace her true radiance.

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