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February 27, 2021  

The Power To Be: Nicolette Richer

February 27, 2021

Meet Nicolette Richer, an author, speaker and serial entrepreneur. She is a health educator and advocate on a mission to reverse 22 million cases of chronic disease by the year 2030. Residing in the mountain ranges of Whistler, British Columbia, Nicolette spends her free time hiking with her three daughters and husband, all while running three businesses and a charity amongst other BIG endeavours. 

As this week’s guest, Nicolette shares how her work in fighting chronic diseases was inspired by her friend in college’s father’s battle with cancer. The prognosis he was given was bleak, but as a fighter himself, he looked for alternative treatment options and was able to reverse his cancer with food and lived for another 22 years.

This inspired Nicolette's path to learn more about how food is medicine. With an affinity for research, she dove right in and soon found over 100 years of research on how to reverse disease by changing your diet. 

Chronic “lifestyle” diseases are what Nicolette refers to as diseases that are created based on what you eat. She continues that 100% organic, plant-based, unrefined and whole-foods are the key to optimizing your body for health. By health, she means a disease free body. 

Nicolette shares the importance of us all working together to bring these types of food into restaurants, schools, grocery stores, hospitals and more so that people have easier access. She created The Green Moustache restaurants in response to the lack of options for 100% organic, plant-based, unrefined and whole-foods in the Sea to Sky region and now the restaurant is expanding across the province and will soon be in places like New York.

Making these changes to your diet sounds simple, but Nicolette shares that many people struggle with it not only because of access and education, but also because they are addicted to the foods they are eating.

During this fascinating conversation, Nicolette reminds us that if we focus on the eating food as medicine, we’ll soon feel energized and full of life, our cravings will shift and we’ll naturally start reaching for the foods that are 100% organic, plant-based, unrefined and whole. 

Today, you’ll find Nicolette training as she prepares to run and cycle across Canada covering 7,120 kms in 75 days as part of her mission to reverse 22 million cases of chronic disease by the year 2030. Tune in to find out why she chose 22 million cases and learn more about her training regime. 

You can also pick up a copy of Nicolette’s book Eat Real To Heal to learn more or stop by The Green Moustache for a delicious lunch. In addition, you can connect with her through Richer Health ConsultingRicher Health Nutrition and Detox Wellness Centre or her charity - Sea to Sky Thrivers Society.

Join me this week, and learn more about Nicolette’s Power to Lead.