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January 15, 2021  

The Power To Be: Todd Lawson

January 15, 2021

Meet Todd Lawson, an avid world traveller, publisher, writer, photographer and storyteller, not to mention his sporting pursuits in stand up paddle boarding, skiing and biking, all of which he can do in the outdoor playground of Whistler, BC where he currently resides with his family. In addition, he is a humanitarian who has ridden his motorcycle across Africa in an effort to support remote communities battling mosquitos and malaria. And above all, he is a loving husband, father and son.

As this week’s guest, Todd shares about his 25+ year quest for freedom. Diversity and unknowns, being a student of his calendar, travelling without a map and facing fear are just a few ways Todd learned to bring freedom into his life. You’ll learn how the mosquito nets he was delivering throughout Africa became a symbol - he was able to gift others with freedom simply by helping them rest easier without pestering mosquitoes or malaria fears.

Today, Todd is the Publisher, Producer and Photo Editor at Mountain Life Media, one of Canada’s most respected outdoor media companies. His intention in both work and life is to share with others what it means to really be successful. Three words he has come to live by are “go for it”. He is continually pushing those around him to take risks, dive into unknowns and live the life they really, truly want to live, with no regrets.

Join me this week, and learn more about Todd’s Power to Lead.