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February 19, 2021  

The Power To Be: Angelena Brocato

February 19, 2021

Meet Angelena Brocato, an entrepreneur, world renowned photographer, actress, podcast host and genuinely beautiful soul on the inside and out. Angelena is a mother to four children alongside her husband Lyle who happens to be her business partner and a fellow actor. 

As this week’s guest, Angelena shares what it takes to live a big life, even in a small town. She explains that commitment plays a vital role in achieving and maintaining the life she wants and that giving herself grace through the process is what supports her in moving forward. 

Angelena speaks about the beauty of enjoying the process and that things don’t happen when she wants them to, but rather to trust the divine timing. 

Angelena shares what it took to pivot her business and adapt to the curveballs life throws - like COVID-19. 

Open, honest and regular communication, coupled with a deep focus and dedication to relationships are what has brought Angelena and her husband much of their success in their business, careers, family and lives.

Angelena regularly asks herself the question “does this seem like fun” when deciding her “yes’s” and “no’s” and shares that this has been a major momentum driver for her. 

During this delightful conversation, Angelena reminds us to be kind and contribute. She believes that magical moments are in front of us daily and that we can always reach for possibility. 

Angelena lives with her family in Louisiana where she and her husband run their wedding photography business, Brocato Photography Collective. Tune in to find out how the messiness of their own wedding helped them create an outstanding service for their clients. The stability of their business has also provided them with a fulfilling acting career - currently, you’ll find Angelena on NCIS: New Orleans. And if that isn’t enough for you, catch Angelena on her podcast Changing the Lens where she talks all things wedding planning and marriage. 

Join me this week, and learn more about Angelena’s Power to Lead.