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January 22, 2021  

The Power To Be: Nicole Tsong

January 22, 2021

Meet Nicole Tsong, work/life balance coach, fitness expert and yogi. She is also an incredibly talented and award-winning writer having written for The Seattle Times and the Anchorage Daily News and authored three books. 

As this week’s guest, Nicole shares what it was like to try 300+ movement classes over the span of six years while writing the popular Fit for Life column in The Seattle Times. 

She tried everything from tap dancing and zumba to martial arts. When it comes to movement, you name it and chances are Nicole’s tried it. 

She shares the benefits of not only finding the movement that works for you, but how trying something new, and being a beginner, prepares you for handling life’s bigger challenges and changes. 

One of her missions in life is to help people understand themselves better through how they move. She urges people to break free from the “box” society has put fitness into explaining that it’s not about finding time for a sweaty, one-hour workout at the gym, but rather finding a way to move daily that is fun and brings joy into your life. 

Nicole says “if it’s not fun, go try something else”. Her belief is that our bodies are meant to move and there is some form of movement out there for everyone. She expands on all of this and more in her newest book, 24 Ways to Move More which launched this past October. 

Today, Nicole lives in Seattle, where she runs a work/life balance coaching business, helping high-achieving women of color find their calling and know their why so they can own their voice and share it with the world. 

Join me this week, and learn more about Nicole’s Power to Lead.